Is Microsoft Office 365 for You?

With so many options available in productivity software it can be difficult to determine the best option for your business. There are many factors involved in making the right decision not the least of which are compatibility with current systems, ease of transition when making a change and cost. With those considerations in mind, the choices are often quickly narrowed down to Microsoft® Office 2013 or Office 365. To simplify the decision further we will help you decide if Office 365 is for you.

Although there are many value-added benefits to Office 365, at the very core the productivity programs you and your staff are used to using from desktop Office applications remain the same. This means switching to Office 365 would be relatively seamless and would not cause significant downtime as your business adapts. This translates to fewer dollars lost due to transition.

Always a major consideration, the cost of Office 365 can be significantly lower than desktop applications. Operating in the cloud, Office 365 is fully scalable to the size of your business. Monthly rates are based on storage requirements and number of users which is a far lesser investment than licenses for each user and the infrastructure required to handle it.

Despite operating in the cloud, your data is protected by multi-billion dollar data storage facilities owned by Microsoft® that meet or exceed current ISO standards. Also HIPAA certified, the security levels for your data are second to none.

With control over who is able to access any files created, you can be assured that only the appropriate people can view the documents and files stored in the cloud. For example, there may be customer communications everyone needs to access whereas privileged information may be for management viewing only.

Today’s businesses are rarely limited to a physical office space as they were in the past. With the rapid rise in use of mobile technologies, productivity software needs to be versatile and accessible. Office 365 allows you and your employees access from any Internet connection, anywhere in the world. Documents can be created or modified and shared, calendars can be globally updated from any connected user and collaboration is enhanced with the option for online conferencing.

Are you convinced Office 365 is the best choice for your business, or do you have more questions? Revolution Networks can help.

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