Which Media Streamer is Right for You?

We all own so many devices nowadays, between smart phones, laptops, tablets,  desktop computers and even tech-heavy devices like smart watches, GPS systems, music players, and more. It might seem crazy to add yet another device, but media streaming devices are fantastic ways to simplify and get the best content directly on your TV. But with so many competing options on the market, which media streaming device should you choose? We’re here to help.


Chromecast is Google’s entry into the media streaming market. Chromecast comes from a very reputable company, and especially if you are an Android user or Google-head, this teeny and affordable device might be the right fit. Chromecast, which comes as a small dongle which you plug discreetly into your television, is a fraction of the size of competing devices, which are sleek, but still take up valuable space in your entertainment area. Additionally, the Chromecast is available for under $40 at most Canadian retailers. Google is a great company which is constantly updating and adding new content, and the list of available apps seems to grow by the day.

Apple TV

Apple TV is more than double the price of the Google Chromecast, but if you are already deep in the Apple universe, this will fit in perfectly and sync with all of your existing devices. Like most Apple products, it is physically attractive and guests will be impressed with your stylish entertainment set-up. Though it looks nice, comes with a remote, and syncs well with other Apple devices, the price may not be worth it for individuals who like to mix and match their electronic devices.


The nice thing about Roku is that they specialize in media streaming devices, as opposed to megacorps like Apple and Google which have their hands in so many pies. Because of this, they are always innovating and focused on providing the highest-quality streaming with the widest variety of partnership and app support. Roku offers both an Apple TV-style box and a Chromecast-style dongle at competitive prices, so they have something to suit any need or style. Their latest device, Roku 3, has the best selection of streaming options and great hardware to provide you with the fastest and crispest streamed content.

No matter what, there is a streaming device that suits your needs. Whether you want small and affordable (Chromecast), great synchronization with Apple devices (Apple TV) or amazing speed and selection even in Canada (Roku 3), the future of technology is available to you now.


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