Let’s Talk about the Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple likes to hype its product releases to the max, with big showy presentations as if the 7th edition of a mobile phone will change the world. Well, the Smart Battery Case was released under the radar, which makes some sense since a) it’s an accessory, not a full product release, b) it’s solving a problem that Apple doesn’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to! Still, the Smart Battery Case is a useful device and well worth the money, even if the iPhone should include this kind of battery performance and reliability without having to purchase an accessory after the fact.

Smart Battery case

The iPhone Smart Battery Case, launched this month, is designed to fix the battery issues that have been a very pressing concern with the latest generation of iPhones. While iPhones are versatile devices, the fact is that if you are going to stream video, browse the internet, take pictures, or text constantly, your battery won’t make it through the day. Having to charge every single night is not unique to iPhones – pretty much every smartphone on the market needs a nightly charge. However if you’re needing to recharge multiple times per day this becomes more concerning.

iPhone users have complained about the problem, but Apple has for the most part pushed the issue under the rug or denied that there was a problem at all. It makes sense to some degree – in the battle to have the smallest, lightest, thinnest, most portable phone ever, some hardware needs to get cut – including battery size. That’s just a fact of life to balance out the pros of small phone size. The Smart Battery Case aims to solve this problem.

how the smart battery case helps

The Smart Battery Case basically gives users the choice. They can enjoy the slim size of the iPhone, but battle battery issues. Or, they can upgrade with the bulky power pack accessory and get much extended battery life. The new battery case provides 25 hours of talk time, 18 hours of LTE internet use, or 20 hours of video playback before a recharge is needed. It is made of a silicone exterior and microfibre lining. The case costs $99 and comes in charcoal grey or white.

should you buy the battery case?

The choice is entirely yours. If you are a power user and don’t want to have a carry a charging cable around or get stuck with a dead battery, then it’s well worth the $99 and does its job. If you prefer your iPhone to be as light and slim as possible or don’t use your phone on a daily basis for heavy streaming, picture-taking, browsing etc., then you probably don’t need to worry.


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