How Outsourcing VoIP Benefits Cyber Security

Outsourcing VoIP services doesn’t only benefit businesses from an efficiency and cost standpoint, but also regarding cybersecurity. By choosing a company that is reputable and employs highly skilled technical experts in-house, you can benefit from greater protection. Here are some ways that outsourcing VoIP directly benefits cybersecurity.

Simplified Support

With features such as fast fault recovery through redundancy and highly scalable cloud services, some outsourced VoIP services help you optimize IT resources to save on expenses. This means that not only will you not have to task your business’ IT team with voice service repairs, but also that fewer individuals will have access to components of your VoIP network. Look for a company with several years of experience and a reputation for quality control, and you can expect enhanced performance, efficiency, and defense against cyber threats.

Carrier-Grade Architecture

A few select providers of B2B VoIP services provide carrier-grade quality without hefty fees, normally owing to the adoption of carrier-grade architecture that boosts performance and maximizes uptime. With such hardware, multi-layered defense and fraud detection systems are implemented to allow business customers to be more efficiently protected.

A Single-Source Solution

Many businesses opt for working with multiple vendors for their voice services. However, they pose a serious cybersecurity risk. By outsourcing VoIP services to a single-source company that does everything in-house, you benefit from enhanced security. This is because each component is designed to work in tandem with your specific voice services, eliminating weak spots in your network. If something goes wrong or is amiss, it will be far more quickly resolved.

End-to-End Encrypted Voice

Call encryption ensures complete privacy for all on-net endpoints for businesses. This is the result of the up-to-date implementation of the SSL/TLS protocol. Also, be sure to look for protective measures against man-in-the-middle attacks and caller spoofing as a means of further protecting your company and data.

Network Resilience and Protection

Look for a B2B VoIP service provider that focuses on network resilience and security. You should find features such as custom user privileges for more efficient access permission handling, as well as anti-fraud and anti-hacking suites programmed to isolate threats and maintain uptime. Other important features that benefit your security from outsourcing VoIP include custom firewall protection, private gateways, and diverse transit routing.

When it comes to protecting your business, employees, and data, cybersecurity is essential. By outsourcing VoIP to a reputable and expert company, it in fact strengthens your company’s network defenses. In an age when new threats are always being created, it’s important to operate from a future-facing standpoint, and cloud-based VoIP services are the ideal solution.

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