5 Affordable Tech Gift Buys

Buying for tech lovers is never easy. Those who love their gadgets have expensive taste, or they’re so eager they go out and buy it themselves! Fortunately, these five tech gifts are affordable, useful, and will have the gift receiver thanking you for a lot longer than the 12 days of Christmas:

Fitness Trackers

Some fitness trackers with all imagine bells and whistles can run over $200, but most are available with every necessary feature for under $100. Fitness trackers, with their sleek appearance and endless supply of data, are the perfect gift for tech lovers looking to get on a healthy path. Available in a wide range of styles that will suit any look, these handy gadgets can track your steps, calories, and even your sleep. Even better, they sync with most smartphones and tablets, giving you instant access to your own body’s data.


Stylish and durable carrying or protective cases for devices and gadgets are the perfect gifts for tech lovers. They might be reluctant to buy them themselves, but they’ll definitely appreciate the protection and style provided by cases. Whether a handy and blinged-out carrying case for a digital camera or a sleek leather protective cover for a tablet, there is something for every tech lover out there. You can find even luxurious and elegant cases for under $100, but most fit under the $50 threshold.

iPhone Charging Dock

Even with a web of USB charging cords, sometimes the best solution is a stylish, portable, and entertaining charging dock. These gadgets come in a variety of styles, everything from retro to futuristic. What better addition to your morning routine than to blast some tunes while you get dressed, and know your iPhone is fully charged as you get ready to greet the day? Sound quality and additional features vary based on price (like built in radio, alarm, remote capability etc.) but rest assured you can get a charging dock that any tech lover would appreciate for well under $100.

Sun-Powered Charger

Ok, so in winter maybe the idea of sun-powered anything doesn’t seem appropriate. But if your recipient can hold out until summer, and especially if they’re planning a warm-weather vacation this winter, this makes an amazing gift available for around $70. A Sun-powered charger allows you to relax on a beach, dreaming away with your headphones on, as the Sun makes sure your phone or music player is at full capacity. Your tech lover can get tanned and never be without their favourite iPhone games or social media account, no matter where they are in the world. Amazing!

Ouya Console

If you know a tech lover who is ready to eschew the big players and embrace the indie game world, then a $99 Ouya Console can make the perfect gift. Ouya is an Android platform, so not only can it play more than 1,000 games at the moment, it is open to all Android developments going forward. Support indie developers and encourage creative expression with this platform disrupter.

Tech lovers will be begging you pull their name in Kris Kringle with these awesome buys available for less than $100.

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