2016’s Coolest Tech…That Actually Matters

Every single year, it’s a wonder to observe the advances in technology. You can even believe that 10 years ago we didn’t even have iPhones yet? 20 years ago, internet at home was the exception, not the rule. While technology changes year-to-year aren’t quite that exceptional, the advancements we make every 12 months are still a sight to behold.

With that in mind, what are the coolest tech advancements on the horizon this year? Let’s take a look at 2016’s coolest tech:

Let’s Get Virtual

Virtual reality is nothing new – in fact, the concept has been around for so long that even the term “virtual reality” feels outdated. Let’s be honest, we couldn’t get it right with previous attempts to create a realistic, captivating virtual reality machine/headset. Well, that’s changing in 2016. Oculus Rift, Sony’s PlayStation VR, and Microsoft’s HoloLens are bringing virtual reality back to the forefront and making it a real possibility for household video gaming. Not only is the technology/reality improving, but the price is actually affordable for regular gamers. With the headsets more accessible, it means that tech and video gaming companies have more incentive to invest in entertaining and moving approaches. This is definitely a category to keep an eye on in 2016!

Nintendo nx

Nintendo has fallen to the background a bit in terms of the console wars, but they are carving out a niche and owning that space. The NX is expected to be a console/mobile hybrid gaming system, and it has gamers very excited. Basically it is a controller with a full touchscreen. The possibilities for this are huge! Couple it with console gaming on the TV and it’s a very exciting proposition. There is no guarantee that this device will be released in 2016, but we’ll at least get a better preview.

Credit scoring revolution

Credit scoring is important – it can be the difference between being able to rent an apartment or buy a car or not. Still, it’s an imperfect system right now, and it’s not serving anyone very well. Well in 2016, expect to see a revolution in this category. In Canada, the United States, and worldwide, independent credit scoring agencies are making big changes. An updated, more inclusive credit scoring model goes beyond your relationship with the big banks. For example, now non-banking forms of credit like your rent, utilities, and phone payments can also be included. This is much more practical for young modern consumers who may not yet have banking-based credit relationships.

These are just three in a huge variety of exciting developments in 2016. Some are fun, and some have practical applications that can change your life!

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